Snowstorm Inspires Kindness From Amherst Neighbors

The big snowstorm that hit us this week might have caused a bit of havoc on the roadways, but it also inspired plenty of kindness from Amherst residents and city workers.

Amherst Ohio SnowAs the snow fell today, the Amherst Facebook Group filled up with thank-you messages and offers from members to help snowed-in neighbors.  In fact, there were more positive, thankful, helpful posts in the group today then we’ve seen in its four-year history.

Below are just a few of the many wonderful posts that members left in the group today.  It really illustrates what a great, friendly community he have here in Amherst, and how our neighbors look out for each other.  Please share this post with your friends to show them how proud you are of Amherst!

I didn’t get a good look at the guy through the snow on his window, but I gotta share this…

I was just out shoveling my driveway and had got to the end where the plows leave all the deep heavy snow. I’m knee deep in this stuff, chipping away at it , when all of the sudden this guy in a flat bed pick up truck pulls up.

He drops his plow and in three sweeps the snow is gone. He never even rolls his window down to get a thank you, just drives off.

Friggin love my town!

–Mark Valenti

Kudos to the city plow driver that angled his plow away from my drive while I was cleaning it. This was between 5:30 and 6:00 tonight on Crosse Rd. Thank You, it was a lot less snow for me to clear.

–Chuck Greulich

this is to Alex Georges-THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY (AND MOMS) HEART FOR PLOWING OUR DRIVEWAY!! IT MEANT THE WORLD TO US!! don’t know if Alex will see this, so if anyone knows him, tell him Jim’s sister says THANK YOU

–Laura Holmes

Anyone who lives in my neighborhood valley drive green forest chestnut lane area I’m going to IGA if you need something please let me know so I can get for you

–Chia M Weinstein

I grew up in Amherst and live in Rocky River now. I was speaking to my landlord this morning who told me that he was recently in Amherst for a wake and got lost. He told me that the people of Amherst were very friendly, helpful, and were even willing to go out of their way to help him find the highway and the church. He said that the people in Amherst were nicer than those in my area! Keep doing what you’re doing Amherst.

–Eleanor Geer

I just wanted to Publicly thank Joe Miller! He is one of the best neighbors ever. I think he has been outside for the past two three hours with his snow blower just going house to house blowing everyone’s driveway in the neighborhood. I know he has done it a couple times already, never stops to ask for a thank you or anything recognition, he just does it. My dad is pretty active for his age, but it makes me feel a lot better for when I am away at college knowing my dad will be taken care of when it snows out because of the people in my neighborhood, especially Joe! So thanks Joe, you are a really great guy, and if you ever need anything do not hesitate to ask.

–Bryan Policz

I am going to be playing on the four wheeler again to day if someone needs their driveway done near valley drive

–Michael Lawcock

It’s so nice to see people pulling together to shovel, snowblow, plow and offer to get groceries. (Hoping more snow days are on the way) Stay warm and safe.

–Gina Welch

A big THANK YOU to the city plow driver who purposely shifted the blade on his plow as NOT to fill our driveway apron with snow! My hubby was out shoveling our driveway and noticed him changing the angle on the blade and s l o w l y plowing by. Thank you!

–Kelly Bradesku

Good call Amherst schools on being proactive and not reactive by closes the schools with plenty of notice…. not so nice out there today… Kudos Mr. Sayers…

–Matthew Ignatko

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Your 2013 Amherst School Board Candidates

amherst ohio school board election

Five candidates are running for three open seats on the Amherst Exempted Village School District this year.  The top three vote-getters in this race will be elected to the school board.

We asked each school board candidate to submit a photo and information to share with Amherst voters on this website.  The candidates below are listed in alphabetical order, by last name.

Election day is Tuesday, November 5.

Teresa Gilles

teresa gillesMy name is Teresa L. Gilles and I am asking for you to re-elect me to the Amherst Exempted Village School District Board of Education on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

I have been on the board for approximately 4 years and would like to continue providing positive input and direction in these difficult economic times. I have a vested interest in the district as a parent and taxpayer. My father, siblings, my three sons and I grew up in Amherst and graduated from Marion L. Steele High School. My professional career, as Main Street Amherst’s Executive Director, provides me invaluable experience in matters of business management and working with the public. These skills can be directly applied to the operation of our school system.

My only agenda is to provide our students with the best possible programs and educational opportunities that will prepare them for their next level of education or vocation and the fast changing world. I am a candidate who is willing to dedicate whatever time necessary to perform my responsibilities at the highest possible level – including a commitment to increasing my knowledge and skills so that I can become a more effective leader and foster a superior level of governance for our school district. Please remember your vote counts and to cast your ballot on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

Robert Kamnikar

bob kamnikarAs a lifelong Amherst resident, I envision a number of contributions that I can make to the school board. These range from hiring teachers, coaches, class selections and organization for capital improvement projects in our school district. I also have a passion for the arts and look forward to contributing to the choir, band and theater programs. Once on board I would like to review policies to see what can be changed to fit the times. In other words, don’t just keep doing what we’ve always done.

Both my wife Sherri and I graduated from Amherst in the early 80’s and then we both attended BGSU.

In high school I played baseball and football. In 1982 I was a part of the first Comet baseball team to ever reach the regional and district games.

At BGSU I studied Construction Management, graduating in 1989.

I’ve worked for over 20 years as a project manager. My assignments have provided me with experience in managing construction for capital projects ranging from Cleveland’s Great Lakes Science Center to church expansions and renovations. This experience provides the school district with an asset familiar with navigating through the complexities of managing the design and construction of improvement projects. I can also help with negotiations of contract renewals.

In 2011 my son Sam and I started our own business, Action Kam, taking photos of various Amherst events. Later that year I was awarded the Crystal Apple Award by Mr. Strohm for my service to the district.

We have three children; Sam, Noah and Jonah who are active participants in extracurriculars like diving, track, Steele News Live (SNL) and theater.

I like hearing what’s on the minds of the kids because isn’t this what it’s ultimately all about…the kids? If we are preaching that the kids are our future, why not let them be part of our future decisions?

My mission is simple, to help the kids!

Valerie Neidert

valerie neidertMy husband Duane and I are the proud parents of two wonderful children and live in the Amherst School District. Since our kids started school, I have been actively involved in volunteering in the schools and the PTO (serving as President, Vice President and Treasurer). I have also worked in all aspects of every campaign and volunteered as the treasurer for the district’s levy campaigns.

In 2006, I was appointed to the school board and then ran for election in 2007. Since then I have worked hard to continue improving education while being fiscally responsible to taxpayers. The current board has accomplished many things including retaining an “excellent” rating by the state of Ohio for the past 11 years. We have also made significant budget reductions to make up for state cuts, namely $3 million to help balance the district’s budget. After streamlining the district, we rallied the community to help secure additional local funding to prevent further cuts.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in business and am the Office Manager for a law firm. I apply that knowledge, along with my passion for education, in my role as school board member. My favorite part of being on the board is participating in the graduation ceremony. It’s so rewarding to see the kids reaching their ultimate goal after years of hard work. It reminds me of why I serve on the board. I’m proud to represent the Amherst Exempted Village Schools and the community and will continue to work hard to protect education and taxpayer dollars. I ask for your vote, so I can continue working for you and the kids of our district.

Joni Poli

joni poliI am a 1984 graduate of Amherst Marion L. Steele and went on to get a bachelor degree in business from Tiffin University. I currently serve the public by working in a Lorain County government office, and have for over 20 years.

I have always felt strongly about giving back and being a part of the school district that I attended. While my son, a 2010 Amherst alumni is about to graduate from college, I volunteered much of my time when he was in school. From fundraisers for soccer to helping run Comet Corner for three years and two years of Prom to Dawn, I enjoy helping where I can. Giving back to the community is important. For the past 7 years I have been volunteering as the Marketing Chair for Main Street Amherst.

What makes me a strong candidate is I will bring new ideas and a fresh face to the board. I sometimes think outside the box and strive to come up with alternative problem solving ideas. I work well with a team or if given a project, can jump start on my own.

Amherst Schools has always been rated one of the best in the county, this year receiving an overall grade of “A”on the school district report card. I am excited to work with the board to continue finding resources to improve our report card grades.

I have a desire to continue, and expand, a strong relationship and open dialog between the school board and the community. Using my real estate tax experience I hope to help anyone with questions they may have in that aspect. In addition, I would like to help find alternative funding for extra curricular activities because as we all know being involved can be quite expensive.

I have a passion to work with the board members and our treasurer to find funds to educate parents and students on anti bullying. No one should ever have to miss a day of school or be afraid to ride the bus due to these circumstances.

As a 2013 graduate of Leadership Lorain County it seems like the perfect time to give what I have to offer to the community through the Amherst school board and it would be an honor to represent each of you.

Ronald Yacobozzi

No photo or information provided

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Discounts & Special Offers for Amherst, Ohio Facebook Group Members

Amherst OhioDid you know that members of the Amherst, Ohio Facebook Group can get great exclusive discounts and special offers from Amherst-area businesses just by mentioning the group?

To take advantage of the special offers below, all you have to do is become a member of the Amherst Facebook Group at this link (you need to have a Facebook account to become a member).  Then simply tell the businesses below that you’d like to take advantage of these special discounts for members!

If you own an Amherst-area business and would like to add a special offer for group members, please send group administrator Phil Van Treuren a message on Facebook.  Remember: the discounts need to be continuous (not limited-time offers). Brick-and-mortar businesses only, please.

Rich’s Auto Body Shop & Towing

Rich's Auto Body Amherst Ohio

1255 N. Main Street, Amherst, Ohio, 44001
(440) 988-7424

**The following discounts are available for members of the Amherst Facebook Group ONLY**

~Mechanical:  10% off MECHANICAL repair totaling over $300.00 & $5.00 off oil change services
~Towing: Free in-town-tow (within Amherst city limits) after 5 tows
~Bodywork: Free estimates / Works with all insurance companies / All makes & models / PPG Enviro-based (waterborne) paint used
~Rhino Lining: $20.00 off Rhino installation (discount can be used for inside bed and/or over the rails)

Clark’s Roofing

Clark's Roofing Amherst Ohio

(440) 670-0738

Clark’s Roofing is offering a 10% discount on all work to Amherst Facebook Group members.

The Kneaded Touch Massage Therapy

The  Kneaded Touch Massage Amherst Ohio

Liberty Woods Professional Park, 574 North Leavitt Rd., Amherst, Ohio 44001
(440) 985-2741

The Kneaded Touch is offering 10% off the price of any service, that includes massages, spa treatments, sauna sessions, couples massage, Ashiatsu and more! This can also be used towards gift certificate purchases as gifts. You must mention the Amherst Facebook Group at the time of check out to receive the discount. This offer does exclude our Frequent Knead Packages.

Total Canine Obedience Training

Total Canine Obedience Amherst OH

46370 Middle Ridge Road, Amherst OH 44001

Total Canine is offering 10% off any group or private 6 week course and $50 off any Stay and Train Program. $10 off any Evaluation or per session class.


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Re-Designed Website Launches with Focus on Amherst Social Media

More than a decade ago, hundreds of Amherst residents visited to share information in an online forum and discuss local issues with neighbors. Today, the site has been re-launched with a new focus on Amherst-related social media channels.

The new features a live-stream of posts from members of the Amherst Facebook Group, a vibrant online community with more than 4,000 users. It also showcases photos from the Amherst Pinterest Page and a blog focused on Amherst news and information.

Owner Phil Van Treuren said that is currently looking for local residents interested in writing Amherst-related blog posts for the website. Anyone is welcome to submit guest blog posts about Amherst history, news, events, and more.

“Social media plays a much larger role in online networking and communication than it did a decade ago, and we’ve re-designed to take advantage of that,” Van Treuren said. “We want to act as a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to discover information about Amherst or interact with their neighbors and government officials.”

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We want you to write for the blog!

Amherst Ohio has officially re-launched with a new design and a new focus on Amherst news, thoughts and information.  It’s now a centralized hub for the Amherst Facebook Group, Amherst Pinterest Page, Amherst Facebook Page, and the Blog . . . and we want YOU to write Amherst-related posts for our website!

Don’t sweat it . . . we’re not looking for professional journalists or people with writing degrees.  If you have an idea for an Amherst-related blog post that you thing local residents would like to read, then you’re exactly what we’re looking for.  You don’t have to be a literary genius or award-winning journalist (we’ll edit your posts and polish them up a bit, anyway).  Your posts can focus on Amherst history, events, news, and even opinion pieces (as long as it’s actually related to Amherst).

And check this out: if we publish your blog posts, we’ll also promote them on the Amherst Facebook Group, Amherst Facebook Page and other social media channels.  That means that HUNDREDS of Amherst residents will read your stuff and share it with their friends!  

So. what are you waiting for?  If you’re interested in writing for the blog, use our contact form to send us a message today.  We’d love to share your writing with our hundreds of daily visitors!

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Old, Forgotten Chamber Unearthed by Workers in Amherst (Photos)

I’d like to tell you about a fascinating discovery that waited beneath our feet in Amherst for nearly a century before being recently uncovered by city workers.

While construction was underway recently on a storm sewer project in the area behind Amherst City Hall and west of the Old Spring, workers broke through into what appears to be an old, forgotten cellar.  The cavernous chamber is constructed with native sandstone bricks, has a wide, arching ceiling, and is partially filled with sediment that accumulated over nearly a hundred years of being buried beneath the earth.

Here are some photographs of the discovery (courtesy of Mark Costilow).  Click on the thumbnails below for larger images:

1 2 3 4 8

Construction crews have stopped work in the area, and the entrance was sealed again in order to protect the discovery.  Local historians and city officials are excited to enter the cellar soon to research any cultural treasures that might be waiting there . . . and to see if it is connected to more hidden rooms or extends further into the ground.

Our city’s rich cultural history is one of the reasons I love being an Amherst resident.  Because of groups like the Amherst Historical Society, there are numerous resources available that let us learn about this area’s amazing history over the last two centuries.  And thanks to information given to me by Matt Nahorn and other members of the AHS, we have a pretty good idea of what this hidden chamber might be.

William Braun was an Amherst resident back in the 1800′s, and he lived in the blue house that is now Five Corners Bed and Breakfast.  At the time, the adjacent Old Spring was an important source of water for the town, and people came from all around to visit it.  William Braun took advantage of the readily available water source at the Old Spring and built a brewery nearby.

William Braun’s brewery was closed in 1894, and the brewery building was torn down.  The old sandstone brewery cellars, however, remained underground.  According to newspaper records from last century, the brewery cellars were sealed during the years of the Great Depression.

Here’s a fascinating snippet from a 1954 newspaper article about the brewery:

“Mr. Braun disbanded his brewery [in 1894]. In order to protect the children who played down by the spring, the big stone building there was torn down for safety reasons. However, the old cellars although covered are still there. One wonders what people will say years from now if they ever uncover these cellars and try to determine what they were used for.

This newspaper article turned out to be quite prophetic, since our discovery of the brewery cellar in 2013 (if that’s indeed what it is) has taken everyone by surprise.


1954 newspaper article by June Alexander (courtesy Amherst Historical Society)

Safety Service Director Mark Costilow was able to enter the chamber after it was uncovered, and he told me that old bottles, cans and other artifacts could be seen strewn on the floor and partially buried in the dirt there.  One can only imagine what kind of forgotten treasures might be waiting in the cellar — and any adjacent, undiscovered rooms — for excavators to discover.

I don’t know when the city plans to re-open the cellar or allow historians to explore the find.  I had nothing to do with its discovery, and I have nothing to do with the decisions that need to be made about preserving it and opening it to researchers.  But if you’re as fascinated by Amherst history as I am, I hope you’ll share this post with your friends and let them know about this amazing discovery that allows us to be even prouder of our shared cultural history.

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Williams Showing Real Leadership by Courting Gun Manufacturers in Lorain County

Commissioner Tom Williams Lorain County

Commissioner Tom Williams

I’ve never been afraid to publicly praise Lorain County elected officials for doing a good job, regardless of their political party (here’s a shout-out I gave to a local Democrat for her fiscal responsibility).  Today I’d like to focus on an innovative, outside-the-box proposal from Commissioner Tom Williams for creating more good-paying jobs in Lorain County.

In several states across the country, firearms manufacturers are considering relocating their businesses because of pending gun restriction bills.  These are profitable companies that pay good wages to thousands of workers.  These legal businesses — and the thousands of jobs they bring with them — are going to relocate somewhere.  Commissioner Williams is posing a great question: why not Lorain County?

Williams has drafted letters to firearms manufacturers — such as Beretta, Remington Arms and Magpul Industries — asking them to consider relocating to Lorain County.  He is showcasing Lorain County’s big workforce and its strong manufacturing and labor base in a bid to convince these companies that this is a great place to open shop.

The Bristol gun manufacturing plant in Bristol, Conn. is just one of many firearms makers looking for a new state to move their business.

The Bristol gun manufacturing plant in Bristol, Conn. is just one of many firearms makers looking for a new state to move their business.

“Our state and our region are blessed to have major advantages in tax structure, logistics and workforce,” Williams wrote in the letters.

I’m impressed by the initiative and leadership that Commissioner Williams is taking as he actively courts these companies.  Remember: having a firearm manufacturer in Lorain County wouldn’t mean that more guns would be sold here.  What it would mean is hundreds of new good-paying manufacturing jobs for our residents, more tax revenue for local government, and growth for Lorain County’s economy.

Before Williams sends these letters out to firearms manufacturers in states where gun laws are getting stricter, he is going ask other local elected officials — both Democrats and Republicans — to join him in signing them.  I hope that other local officials — including the other two Lorain County commissioners — will look beyond politics and join Commissioner Williams in encouraging these profitable businesses to bring their thousands of jobs to our county.

If you get the chance, I hope you’ll take a moment to contact Commissioner Tom Williams and thank him for thinking outside of the box and fighting to bring good jobs to Lorain County.


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Check It Out, Amherst! Candidates Asking for Your Vote in 2013

amhert ohio election candidates 2013Hard to believe that it’s time to start thinking about local elections in Amherst, Ohio again!  Today was the deadline for candidates to file their petitions to appear on the ballot in the May 7th, 2013 primary election.

In Amherst, all of our City Council seats are up for election every two years (3 at-large council seats, four ward council seats, and City Council President).  The Auditor’s seat is up every four years, and the Treasurer’s seat is up every four years, too.

Here’s a list of every single person who filed to run for office this year in Amherst.  The General Election will be on November 5th, but as you can see from the list below, there will be some primary races on the ballot (two Democrats are running for Treasurer, and two Republicans are running for First Ward Council).

Check out the list below and make sure to familiarize yourself with every candidate before it’s time to vote.  I’m glad to see that so many seats have challengers this year (including my own council-at-large seat).  A challenged race always makes for a more effective, harder-working elected official!

President of Council (Elect 1)

John S. Dietrich (Democrat) – 355 Candy Ln, Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 2/5/13

Auditor (Elect 1)

David C. Kukucka (Democrat) – 501 Charles Ave, Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 2/6/13

Treasurer (Elect 1)

Brian Dembinski (Democrat) – 764 Tarry Ln, Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 2/6/13
Pamela Tremaine (Democrat) – 53 Baldwin Ct, Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 1/30/13

Richard S. Ramsey (Republican) – 525 Lauren Ln, Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 2/6/13

Council at Large (Elect 3)

David Janik (Democrat) – 351 Quail Ct. Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 1/14/13
Steven J. Mihalcik (Democrat) – 1021 Coopers Run Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 1/29/13
Joe Miller (Democrat) – 433 Northpointe Blvd, Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 2/4/13
Phil Van Treuren (Republican) – 171 Harris St. Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 1/28/13
James C. Pullin (Independent) – 176 Rainbow Dr, Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 2/1/13

1st Ward Council (Elect 1)

Steve Bukovac (Democrat) – 973 Milan Ave, Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 2/5/13

H. Travis Goudy (Republican) – 439 Candy Ln, Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 2/6/13
Michael Ireland (Republican) – 429 Country Walk, Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 2/4/13

2nd Ward Council (Elect 1)

David Goodell (Republican) – 810 Dodge Dr. Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 1/25/13

3rd Ward Council (Elect 1)

David A. Shaffer (Democrat) – 693 Tenney Ave, Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 2/4/13
Charles S. Winiarski (Republican) – 172 East Martin St, Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 2/5/13

4th Ward Council (Elect 1)

Jennifer Wasilk (Republican) – 643 Greenlawn Dr., Amherst, OH 44001 Filed 1/23/13

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Top 10 Most Popular Amherst, Ohio Facebook Places

amherst ohioFacebook is being used more and more as a platform to share places we’ve visited.  In the City of Amherst, Ohio, people have “checked in” at local places on Facebook thousands of times, and Amherst businesses are quickly learning what a great marketing tool Facebook can be for increasing brand awareness and visitors.  If you have a popular Facebook place page, with lots of “likes” and check-ins, then odds are you are well-known in the community.

Here’s a list of the top 10 most popular Facebook places in Amherst, Ohio as of February, 2013.  Some of the places on this list might surprise you.  These businesses and organizations deserve kudos for doing a great job at using social media for publicity and profit.

Note: I ordered the places on this list based on the number of “likes,” not on the number of “check-ins,” which I think is a better measurement of their popularity.  For instance, the turnpike plaza actually has the most check-ins of any place in Amherst, but that’s because so many thousands of people drive by it every day on the turnpike.    

1. Main Street Amherst, Ohio

Main Street Amherst OhioLikes: 5,329

Location: 255 Park Avenue

Description from their Facebook Page: Main Street Amherst is a non-profit organization designed to promote and maintain a historic and economically vital downtown that is attractive and accessible to people of all ages.

2. Sweets by Maggie!

Sweets By Maggie Amherst OhioLikes: 3,781

Location: 7660 Leavitt Road, Suite C

Description from their Facebook Page: Sweets by Maggie! Gourmet Cupcakes, Custom Cakes & More!Open Tuesday- Thursday 10-6, Friday 10-7 & Saturday 11-7! Special order pick ups and Birthday Parties available on Sundays. Closed Mondays!

3. Ziggy’s

ziggy's restaurant pub bar amherst ohioLikes: 2,969

Location: 193 Park Avenue

Description from their Facebook Page: Pub & Restaurant



4. Kiedrowski’s Simply Delicious Bakery

Kiedrowskis Bakery Amherst OhioLikes: 2,915

Location: 2267 Cooper Foster Park Road

Description from their Facebook Page: Kiedrowski’s Simply Delicious Bakery was founded in 1984 by Tim and Terri Kiedrowski, life-long Lorain County residents. Stepping into Kiedrowski’s Bakery is like stepping into your Grandmother’s kitchen, where old-world memories were made and cherished.

5. Olde Town Pizza House

Olde Town Pizza House Amherst OhioLikes: 2,568

Location: 195 Cleveland Avenue

Description from their Facebook Page: Come on in for dinner or lunch or visit our website and order in for carry out. or 440-984-2468


6. Amherst Schools

Amherst Ohio SchoolsLikes: 1,648

Location: 185 Forest Street

Description from their Facebook Page: Amherst Schools is one of the top academic districts in northeastern Ohio. A challenging curriculum and diverse extracurriculars offer each student opportunities to grow, explore and succeed academically and as a person.


7. Cork’s and Stubby’s

Corks and Stubbys Amherst OhioLikes: 1,414

Location: 209 South Main Street

Description from their Facebook Page: Corks and Stubby’s is a new and unique concept in downtown Amherst. We combine the upscale feel of a sophisticated wine bar and combine the feel of a friendly neighboorhood pub all in the same place. Our diverse menu offers something pleasing for every palate!

8. The Pour House

The Pour House Amherst Ohio BarLikes: 1,184

Location: 134 Park Avenue

Description from their Facebook Page: Pub, drinks, casual, good for groups


9. Premier Toyota

Premier Toyota Amherst OhioLikes: 1,168

Location: 47190 Cooper Foster Park Road

Description from their Facebook Page: Premier Toyota has professional, friendly and experienced sales staff with a strong commitment to providing our customers with the best possible service. Feel free to browse our new Toyota and pre-owned inventory online, request more information about vehicles, set up a test drive or inquire about financing!

10. 5 Corners Bed & Breakfast

5 Corners Bed And Breakfast Amherst OhioLikes: 1,132

Location: 175 Beaver Court

Description from their Facebook Page: Four guest rooms all with private baths. Breakfast included. Walk to parks, restaurants, shopping & entertainment. Minutes from Oberlin College & Lake Erie. Thirty minutes from CLE and Cedar Point.

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Pictures & Photos of Amherst, Ohio: Check Out Our Pinterest Page!

amherst ohio picture photoLooking for photos and pictures of Amherst, Ohio?  I hope you’ll take a second to visit our Amherst Ohio Pinterest page and check out some of the dozens of pics that we’ve posted there.

Any time we come across a good picture of Amherst online, we try to post it on the Pinterest page for everyone to see.  If you find a photo that hasn’t been posted there yet, I hope you’ll email it to me at and I’ll be happy to add it.

Also, if you’d like to post photos on the Amherst Pinterest page yourself, please let me know and I’d be happy to grant you permission in Pinterest.  You just have to make sure that you are signed up for a free account.

When the weather gets nicer, I plan on getting out into the community and taking more pictures of photogenic Amherst locations, landmarks, businesses and buildings.  Please subscribe to the Pinterest page and check it regularly to see what we post!

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Thanks for visiting the website! My name is Phil Van Treuren, and I'm the website administrator. Amherst is a wonderful community that we are very proud of, and I encourage you to get to know our beautiful city and its residents.

Please take a moment to check out the latest posts on our Amherst Blog, and don't forget to "like" the Amherst, Ohio Facebook Page. If you'd like to join in a conversation about Amherst with other members of our community, please become a member of our active and vibrant Amherst Facebook Group.

Contact administrator Phil Van Treuren with any questions! Please make sure that all posts have something to do with Amherst . . . and be nice.
Regina Dick
Regina Dickon August 18, 2014 11:10 pm
looking for a big barn to rent for a wedding
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Angel Marie Velez
Angel Marie Velezon August 26, 2014 5:00 pm
Any recommendations on the best place to get Senior Pictures done? Thanks, everyone!
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Lauren Plas Sabo
Lauren Plas Saboon August 25, 2014 1:39 am
Visited Amherst today and saw so many lawn signs that say "Save our Amherst Sign" what does that mean?
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Melanie McKinney
Melanie McKinneyon August 27, 2014 5:42 pm
Hello! I was wondering if anyone could pass along some information about any companies or anyone local that could help my husband and I with a project dealing with stump removal and brush clearing? We recently removed a large tree from our front yard and I was just curious if anyone knows of a good company/person to help with the remainder of the job? My husband can probably start the process on his own, I was just curious to see anyone else's experiences. Thanks so much. :)
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Cindy Clark
Cindy Clarkon August 20, 2014 2:06 am
Anyone have any dealings with termite companies? We had a bunch of trees removed and in some of the rotted stuff are some creepy and suspect looking bugs. I want somebody to come to out and see what they are and make sure that they aren't in my house if they are termites, but I don't want to get taken advantage of since I don't know anything about bugs. Any help appreciated.
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